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Gripper heads for crating and decrating machines:

Gripper head for aligning–stirrup closure bottles.
The bottles are turned to a position, that the labels face the windows of the crates
and can be seen from outside. 

Gripper head for a continuously operating crating machine and four different products,
drawable in one direction.

Gripper head for crating machine

Gripper head for bulk glass

Infinitely adjustable Gripper head with draw-device, suitable for bottles with diameters from 51mm - 77mm to be packed into cartons of 6 bottles or 12 bottles.
Of course It is possible to design Gripper heads for other ranges of bottle-diameters or cartons with and without dividers.

Gripper head for Aerosol-Tins.
Two tins per head are aligned to there label-position.

Gripper head for a continuously operating decrating-machine.


Sorter head

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