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Gripper heads for palletizers.

Universal hook-type Gripper head for:

- 16er layer 6er modul crate 300 x 200 with carry handle
- 8er layer 20er modul crate 400 x 300
- 8er layer 24er modul crate 400 x 300
- 8er layer 12er modul crate 400 x 300

Hook-type Gripper head with layer centering device.

Clamping-type Gripper head for palletising and depalettising all kinds of modul-crates
(400x300mm and 300x200mm) in layer pattern 800x1200 additional:
layer centering device, optional for 2 sides and 4 sides


Clamping-type Gripper head linear


Clamping-type Gripper head depalletising

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